Ray of Hope

New Participants are invited for the first three meetings and must decide to commit within those first three meetings of each session. Then it is considered a closed group. Meetings are open September, January and April.


Christian Women struggling with same-sex attraction.


A therapeutic group context for women to experience healthy intimacy.


Groups meet at Kaizen Counseling Services.


Groups are offered three times a year. Meetings are either Tuesday or Thursday night from 7:30 - 9:00pm


$35 per session

“I’ve learned many things in group, such as my anger and who it was really directed at. My persistent longing for intimacy is a God given desire. My defense mechanisms, while good for surviving, are something God is calling me to give up for something better ...intimacy with Him and others. However, the most profound thing I’ve learned is that I despised that little girl (me) and now I have compassion for her. That in and of itself has removed a very heavy load from my soul.” - Group Participant “Homosexual love is the great rejoicing of finding something that seemed lost... She is everything I desire. She is myself-or rather, I am herself. I’d fallen madly for a gender. All my life I’d had problems with people in groups. Now I wanted to belong." - Jan Clausen “Lesbian attraction is an attempt to love and be reunited with the female part of oneself.” - Anne Paulk “She grew up in a social atmosphere where women were looked at as sexual objects and subjected to sexual abuse.” - Anne Paulk

For more information contact Angie Narsh at 314-909-7775

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